Instrument Rentals

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'Try Before you Buy' Rent-To-Rent Program
Low Risk...

A month-to-month rental allowing exchange or return at any time.

Quality Name Brand Instruments
This rental program earns high marks and recommendations from music educators because it provides quality name brand instruments at very affordable rates.

No Credit Checks - No Interest
Any student enrolled in a school instrumental music program qualifies for one of our rental instruments provided their parent/guardian acts as the responsible party. Rent for one month or for as long as you want, never pay interest charges.

Purchase Options
Our 'Try Before You Buy' rental program provides opportunity at any time to apply up to your first 12 months rental payments toward an instrument purchase. You can also apply up to 12-months of rental equity towards a Step-Up (Intermediate to Professional grade) Band Instrument and continue monthly payments on our Encore (Rent-to-Own) Program. Contact Us if you have questions about our 'Rent-to-Own' Encore Program.   

Instrument Rental Options  Here are examples of condition types. All instrument condition types are thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and checked over carefully by our in-house repair staff. The difference is purely cosmetic and classified based on the wear and tear of the finish and case. All instruments will work and play as they should and have an initial guarantee of quality playing condition at the time of sale/rental. We offer a 48 hour guarantee on the playing condition of all instruments. 
Standard Instrument: Previously rented instruments showing multiple signs of use.        Choice Instrument: Previously rented instruments showing only slight signs of use.
New Instrument: Right out of the box! Brand New Instrument, brand new case, never been played.